Shamed back to blogging.



The Delaware County Down Syndrome Interest Group has my blog as a hyperlink on their website — how cool! Have I written anything lately — no. How not cool.

Dr. Mom still loves her iPads. And she has some stuff goin’ on too. Nic is being evaluated again for a communication device, this time in the form of an app. We’re working with ProloQuo2go, which is apparently the Mercedes-Benz of communication apps. But how do you get a kid to use said app when he’d so much rather talk?

We’re also now gluten-free and lactose free. The good news is that there are apps out there to help with keeping sane when everything tasty is now dangerous. We’re simply loving Safari to get us to the Betty Crocker website and finding a million ways to miss real bread a little less. Then a stop at Gluten-Free Registry and Dine Gluten Free apps to see where there is to eat out — and if they really are sincerely gluten free or is it just “we will hide the bun” on your burger.

Is it a different blog now? No. My iPads just have more work to do.

How about you? What’s your kid using to communicate with the world? What do YOU do when your child would simply rather speak — but no one quite understands what he’s saying?

And when he does speak is your kid begging for a real hamburger bun like Nic?