Dr. Mom Finds Happiness at National Down Syndrome Congress 2012


I don’t know if I heard a word anyone said at this year’s National Down Syndrome Congress Conference until after I presented a session with two friends on Saturday afternoon. BUT after the butterflies vacated my stomach, after the adrenaline rush from presenting had subsided, Sunday provided some nice app surprises.

Dr. Sean Smith of the University of Kansas did a great presentation on apps for children with disabilities, including, especially, but not limited to Down syndrome. I jumped on to his wiki to find all sorts of great app info and you should too, but there seems to be a need for Flash to open it.

So thing one: Dr. Smith’s wiki is found at dscongress.wikispaces.com.
Thing two: if you can’t get it on Safari, make a quick stop at the AppStore and download Photon, an app that will let you view items using Flash.

So, did you find anything good? I did. More to come…


About geralynarango

Hello! My name is Geralyn Arango. I write two blogs about two very different topics: Down Gluten, Down Lactose, Down syndrome is about my family's search for a normal life in the face of my son's dietary restrictions, his disability and his wonderfulness. Dr. Mom and the iPads is a blog about my journey to the use of the iPad as an educational tool for my son who has Down syndrome and for the special education majors I teach at a university in Philadelphia. I love to write and hope through these blogs to engage in conversation with people who share an interest in either or both of my blog topics. I am also in the process of revising a soon-to-be published memoir on caregiving...I hope you will stick around until it's ready to go! G

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