Is There Life after Your Kid Drops his iPad?

The bad news is that it seems that no amount of padding and casing is going to stop an iPad from taking a beating when the time to take a beating comes.

Nic was running to the car, his iPad in hand.

He tripped.

The boy and his iPad went flying.

Nic dusted himself off and went to pick it up.

Giant crack.

But go figure, the thing still works. Went to “Five Below” and bought a film to put over the screen to protect fingers from cracked glass. That was it.

And Mom is back in search of ideas to make the iPad the tool I want it to be for NIc.

Right now, I’m in search of an app to let me store little videos I make. Like social stories, only video. Nic has a first generation iPad and mine is an iPad2. I have a digital camera and a cell phone to make videos on too.

Any ideas?