One of my grad students told me about something called Pinterest ,  an online “pinboard” that she thinks is the coolest thing ever. I took a quick look and saw what looked to be a place for people to manage collections of images. Nice. There’s an app for it, too, but I wasn’t seeing much past the idea of images.

But there’s more, and I’m gonna make sure I take a look. I follow the Friendship Circle blog, and today’s post talked about collections of resources, blogs, therapy tips, strategies for teaching chores and more on Pinterest — NICE.

Guess Pinterest is pretty popular…I am on their waiting list! So in the meantime, do you or anyone you know use Pinterest? Why, how? Give me something to read about while I wait for my “invitation” to join!


For a Moment, I was Tekkier than a Teenager!

My daughter Courtney is my go-to-girl, my at-home tech support, and it’s just one more thing I love about her. But yesterday as we were driving in the car, I asked her a question she could not answer.

The question was, “do you know what a Dropbox is?”

And I got to tell HER — Dropbox is a miracle!

Special thanks to Rosie P. for introducing me to, where I downloaded a Dropbox app for my iPad and Dropbox for my work and home computers. When I put my stuff — all those files and such that I don’t want to lose — into my Dropbox, I can pull them up wherever there’s a Dropbox! I log in on the iPad or on the computers and everything I’ve stored from all my locations is there!

Oh, Joy!

Of course, that’s probably the only tech question Courtney won’t have an answer to for the rest of my life.

Which is just fine.