It Was the Best of Times…

Between the IT department and Lori, our librarian, someone had the greatĀ  idea of bringing iPad newbies, old pros and those somewhere in between, like me, together in one room yesterday to talk of things iPad. We are “the iPad users group.”

We have a Blackboard site.

We have a wiki.

We have a vested interest in getting up to speed.

One of my favorite aspects of this very first meeting was the fact that we were meeting at all. I rarely get to hear from my colleagues in other schools, let alone the staff that is the backbone of the place. I enjoyed hearing what people are doing and listening to people’s questions about the iPad.

But holy cow, I thought I was pretty good on the thing, but after this 1 hour meeting, I feel like I’ve been demoted to “newbie” from my preconceived rank of “somewhere in between.”

What’s your iPad challenge?



I’m Cheating on My iPad with my Other iPad!

This is getting confusing, but I’m loving this rabid iPad app downloading. Cheap or free, easy and fun.

There’s some great overlap in what I’m searching for as teacher and mom, fortunately. The University is looking for me to infuse iPad technology into a courseĀ  I haven’t taught yet, which may or may not be easier than using the technology for an actual person.

We had a meeting at Nic’s school a few weeks back to discuss the iPad we sent in for his use. Everyone thought it was great, but no one knew how to use it. Maybe sending it in on the bus isn’t such a hot idea yet, eh? I think, as does Nic’s educational team, that the district needs to crack open its metaphorical wallet and buy a couple of these hot little iDoodads so the teachers can dig in and get some good learnin’ going for the kids. Meanwhile, maybe I’ll lend our iPad to some interested teacher or therapist for a weekend. Eeek.

I am continually slipping into the App store to see what’s new. Fortunately, better minds then mine are, too. I discovered something called, a bunch of app developers promoting quality apps for kids and families. Their catalog is on iTunes. I downloaded some “freebie Friday” apps. Take a look!

Meanwhile, I have to try to remember which iPad I put this app or that on. I guess that’s a pretty nice problem to have.