Welcome to My Blog

My name is Geralyn Arango. I am the owner of two iPads — well one for sure, and one more if I can prove that I can use it in my work as a college professor.

A nice spot to be in, eh?

Along the way, I hope to share some resources about the marvelous technology that is the iPad, and I welcome comments and suggestions about the how-to, where-to and if-to about anything iPad.

I am the mother of two teenagers, a 16 year-old named Courtney, who is my lovely at home tech-support, and a 13 year-old named Nicolas. Nic has Down syndrome and some other complications that have made learning a challenge. Technology has been a lifesaver, and is going to be more and more of a tool for him to access the world as a student and as a citizen.

I bought a 1st generation refurbished iPad for my household, particularly Nic.

I’m also a professor of special education at Holy Family University in Philadelphia, PA. This fall, an announcement was made that faculty could get iPads, a lovely brand new iPad 2 each, if we could create a project and report out on it by March 2012. My department created projects and each of us got an iPad.

If I fail to report out in March, I lose my iPad.

The clock is ticking.


About geralynarango

Hello! My name is Geralyn Arango. I write two blogs about two very different topics: Down Gluten, Down Lactose, Down syndrome is about my family's search for a normal life in the face of my son's dietary restrictions, his disability and his wonderfulness. Dr. Mom and the iPads is a blog about my journey to the use of the iPad as an educational tool for my son who has Down syndrome and for the special education majors I teach at a university in Philadelphia. I love to write and hope through these blogs to engage in conversation with people who share an interest in either or both of my blog topics. I am also in the process of revising a soon-to-be published memoir on caregiving...I hope you will stick around until it's ready to go! G

3 responses to “Welcome to My Blog

  1. Patty White

    Hi Geri, Just read all of your posts and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your blog πŸ™‚ I am also going to send my husband the link as he is setting out to be a “new teacher” at the age of 51. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the enouraging words, Patti! And good luck to your husband as he starts out teaching. Are you or anyone at home using the iPad?

      • Patty White

        Dan has an iPad, 1st generation, that he uses. Lauren and I both use our iPhones. Just downloaded Dropbox…great app πŸ™‚

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