So I Invited Some Folks to My Blog…

Being that I am new to blogging, I’m a little tentative about what I’m going to say as well as who I’m going to say it to. If you’re reading this, thanks for giving my blog a shot! If you know anyone else who might be interested, you know where to find me.

But back to the topic at hand: iPads. I’ve seen some sites that have been pretty helpful for finding apps to meet Nic’s IEP goals and hopefully for pumping up my upcoming class with relevant apps for children with disabilities.

I got lucky early on. I Googled “apps for children with special needs” and go figure, up came .

I’m always in search of sites that do a little of the upfront work for me.How about you?


It Started Last Thanksgiving, Come to Think of it…

How Fun is This?

Aunt Gail started it all, really. Designer extraordinaire, she knows her technology and she knows her nephew. It was Gail who said, “Gerry, you’ve got to see Nic with the iPad,” long before we knew much about it’s educational value for students with disabilities. On Thanksgiving 2010 it was just Skee Ball, Veggie Samurai and a little bonding time with Aunt Gail.

By the spring of 2011, it was a conversation with Nic’s educational team: Could we try out an iPad to help Nic meet his goals? The answer was a definite “maybe.”

But I couldn’t wait for the district to buy an iPad to try out in Nic’s classroom. I jumped on and found a refurbished iPad at a bargain price. I bought an Otterbox, the toughest case they make, and we were in business.

Lots of parents with disabilities are all about the iPad — the simplicity of access, the bazillion apps available at crazy affordable prices, the “cool” factor that appeals to Nic like no other device I’ve seen — dignified accessibility!

Welcome to My Blog

My name is Geralyn Arango. I am the owner of two iPads — well one for sure, and one more if I can prove that I can use it in my work as a college professor.

A nice spot to be in, eh?

Along the way, I hope to share some resources about the marvelous technology that is the iPad, and I welcome comments and suggestions about the how-to, where-to and if-to about anything iPad.

I am the mother of two teenagers, a 16 year-old named Courtney, who is my lovely at home tech-support, and a 13 year-old named Nicolas. Nic has Down syndrome and some other complications that have made learning a challenge. Technology has been a lifesaver, and is going to be more and more of a tool for him to access the world as a student and as a citizen.

I bought a 1st generation refurbished iPad for my household, particularly Nic.

I’m also a professor of special education at Holy Family University in Philadelphia, PA. This fall, an announcement was made that faculty could get iPads, a lovely brand new iPad 2 each, if we could create a project and report out on it by March 2012. My department created projects and each of us got an iPad.

If I fail to report out in March, I lose my iPad.

The clock is ticking.